A flush machine which can be used for oil changes. It’s compact, reliable and fully automatic. It can be used for every type of automatic transmission.

The new flush machine has been developed thanks to Motul technicians’ experience on the field. It’s compact, reliable and fully automatic to allow working on every kind of automatic transmission. It has two electronic scales, an oil filter with magnet and a printer.

  ATM 5 ATM 2  ATM E
Color touch screen 5" - -
Monochromatic graphic display 240x64  -
User friendly interface
Multilingual software
Pump 2 2 1
Oil Measurement: 2 electronic scales
Gearbox’s outlet oil pressure measurement
ATF’s outlet oil pressure measurement
Automatic new oil specific weight correction manual manual
Automatic warming (start of the procedure when getting
to the certain temperature)
- -
Washing of the new oil suction circuit - -
Measurement of the waste oil temperature
Dipstick kit -
Automatic additive injection manual actuation
Possibility to operate in automatic
or manual mode
Software and database updatable via USB - -
New and waste oil tanks 2 x 30 lt 2 x 20 lt 2 x 20 lt
New sintered reusable filter with magnet
2 cases of couplings and hoses for European and Asiatic vehicles
Printer optional
Software for power steering oil change with optional ßadapters -
Integrated database - -
Oil flow hose inversion device (external) optional optional optional