New MotulEvo Website and Datacentre Launched



Motul is proud to announce the relaunch of its MotulEvo website and new datacenter. This new milestone was reached just as the company expanded its share in the global professional automatic transmission maintenance market.

The company’s completely renovated datacentre is now able to support the operation of the company’s network of service partners as well as of its website. We have also upgraded the database by introducing brand new customizable software allowing users to promptly access reliable information and documents.

This means that replacing transmission fluid and performing car maintenance works at service centres is guaranteed to run smoothly and efficiently. Thanks to clear and precise instructions, paired with the considerable knowledge and expertise of service centre staff, customers now enjoy some important benefits: the wait time is shorter, and the centres are servicing more car brands and models. Today, supported by the newly upgraded database, independent car service centres are able to deliver automatic transmission fluid replacement services of impeccable quality.

The database’s processing system has also been streamlined. Users can now preview documents directly from the files stored on the datacentre’s servers, which eliminates the need for consultations, thus saving precious time. In addition, users can customize settings to get documents containing only specific data: for example, the last 10 serviced vehicles, statistics and the list of the week’s most popular documents. By filtering the data, users can get an idea about the latest business trends.

It is on our agenda to continue improving the datacentre’s software and technical documents so that users are armed with the data required to further grow their businesses.

Please note that our website is consistent with the Motul ID design. It features an intuitive site-wide navigation system with improved menu functions and prompt access to the most relevant information. When upgrading our website, we ensured it is mobile-friendly and can be accessed from a wide range of browsers and portable devices.

The website offers another important feature — users can go to the library of technical documents directly from the login area. By selecting relevant documents in the library, users can decide on the best automatic transmission maintenance option relevant to the car model.

Initially, the MotulEvo project was launched in 2014. It proved to be successful, assisting thousands of customers across the globe. The upgraded version of the website and datacentre provides more service options, delivering important benefits to retailers, operators and partnering car service centres.

We are proud of our revamped website and confident of its capability to create the best customer experience for users. Please visit us at

For more information, please contact your local Motul network representative.