Education and Training

MotulEvo project provides three steps of training to introduce the customers in the automatic transmission world and to increase their competence. 

MotulEvo basic 

Motul provides a technical and commercial training on the automatic transmission business. There is a detailed presentation of all the products and services available within the project.

MotulEvo essential 

This is the introductive training to the use of the flush machine. A training on gearboxes maintenance is included for every subscriber, with the installation of the flush machine and a practical on site demonstration.

MotulEvo expert 

4 trimonthly courses, each one dedicated to the inspection of a specific type of automatic gearbox, both heoretical and practical. Every course has a limited number of 10 participants. Each of the four trainings is an 18-hours course divided in two days. At the end of the course every participant is provided with a certificate of attendance. 

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